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August 18 - Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

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    August 18 - Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. Conjunctions are rare events where two or more objects will appear extremely close together in the night sky. The two bright planets will come unusually close to each other, only a quarter of a degree, in the early morning sky. Also, the beehive cluster in the constellation Cancer will be only 1 degree away. This rare, double-planet event is definitely one not to miss. Look for the bright planets in the east just before sunrise.
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    Yes, Thanks; I came across that yesterday and sent it to a friend...ought to be nice if you can get up a hour before sunrise tomorrow and have a clear view of the eastern horizon. Ought to be able to get a shot of both in the same field of view of a low to medium power eyepiece.

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    we have torrential rain here didn't see a thing :frown:

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    hahaha good one

    I suspect that will occur with many people in many countries
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    Jonathan Scott

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    Our eastern horizon is mostly trees and houses, so I only got to see Venus & Jupiter through a gap when the sky was already quite light, around 5:30am UK time. They were still visible, very close together, for a short while, but Jupiter soon became difficult to see against the light sky.
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    The goddess of love in the courtyard of the great god jupiter as the Greeks saw it.

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