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Homework Help: Bad @ math needs help w/ bullet deflection

  1. Feb 25, 2007 #1
    Hello, thanks for even stopping in here................

    My Q: (and beggin' for help ;/ )

    Is there a basic mathematical "sentence", where you can "plug in" variables, ie- Vel / angle / projectile weight/ target impacted (makeup) ,etc?

    I, and this will probably make you laugh, am TERRIBLE @ math. I do believe in myself enough (Im 45 yrs old) to know that the two patents I hold on ballistic armor are correct & will work, I just wish I knew how to do the math.

    Maybe I just need to get a math pro to simply see the patent and perhaps discern how to put together a mathematical equation?

    The reason I ask is that I am seeking assistance and its a question, or a bunch of questions that will come up (ie)- wheres your mathematical model to prove out your theory?

    So, bottom line, HELP? Best Dave
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  3. Feb 25, 2007 #2
    You don't seem to have asked a specific question yet.. So.. Tell us about the armor?
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