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Bar plot in Matlab with specified values on the x-axis

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    In the plot below
    Code (Text):

    I like all the values of x to be displayed on the x-axis. For example by plotting this bar, the values of x=0.11,0.13, 0.15, 0.17, 0.19 are not displayed on the x-axis. I appreciate any help.
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    In the plot window, you can select Edit -> Axes Properties... There you can set where tics appear.
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    After plotting, you can create a handle to the axes object (gca stands for, "get current axes") and then change the XTick property to whatever you'd like, such as your original x values:
    ax = gca;
    ax.XTick = x;

    Note: this assumes you're using R2014b+. For older releases you use the get/set functions to fetch or change properties of the axes.
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