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Basic Human Rights+= Right to an independent original mind?

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    Is this a valid thing for society to aim for? Would this do more harm than good? Technology is capable of taking us towards this.
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    I know most of us want to belong. So even if this capacity is given to everyone perhaps exercising it will be difficult. But atleast people will have
    this capacity.

    Is all just relative and there is no absolute cut-off point for possesing an independent orginal mind?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    How would you define "independent original mind"?
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    What exactly does one mean by "independent original mind"?

    As far as I can tell, my mind is the original one I had and it quite independent - sometimes too much so - it keeps wanting to leave. :rolleyes: So now and then I let it wander, and it seems to go interesting places.
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    One capable of creating its own reality..its own universe?? that is not borrowed from anything else? I really don't know the answer. Many people just seem to follow because they are limited in original thinking or capacity to analyse. would this be accurate? This is why I asked.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It is easier to be a follower, but there must also be a balance between independent thought, and learning from the knowledge and experiences of others.

    To take the extreme, we wouldn't allow a three year old to play in the street as an independent thinking experience.
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    Is everyone in the world capable of independent original thinking? If not all one's got is learning from knowledge and experience of others. Should a person in life be content and restricted to this? There's no balance here at all.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think it comes down to balance and patience.

    Yes, I personally believe that we are all creative creatures by nature, and I think young people in particular grow impatient while waiting to express themselves without the constraint of their parents.

    Am I getting warm? :biggrin:
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    I know several significantly mentally handicapped individuals, and every one of them is capable of that. Some, in fact, appear to be more so than supposedly normal people. I would submit that any species with a cerebral cortex is able to do so.
    If you are referring to Solipsism, on the other hand, my opinion is all in your mind.
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    Ok, but

    Do people with superior cognition feel that there is there way too much mental handicap in most people?

    There are around 6 billion of us... mostly mentally handicapped. I think leaving it like this is just terribly wasting human life. More people should be able to live in a way that is not merely revolving around survival and reproduction.
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    How are most people mentally handicapped?

    What is wrong with survival and reproduction? I think those are two very basic needs and am glad that many people are interested in them.
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    I'm not saying the basics are bad things at all.

    I feel that there is massive amounts of misinterpretation of data and absurdity around the place and lots of people struggle with analysing information. Add to that bias of all kinds and its even more chaotic.

    I accept this as nature but I wonder whether its needs to remain as much of a rabble as it is. Can all human life be lived better?
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