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Best Linux OS to install/run MCNP with MPI or MPICH

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    I've been having difficulty in successfully compiling the MCNP executable with the MPI/MPICH libraries on Scientific Linux 6.x (whatever the latest version is). I'm currently using MCNP5, and the latest distribution DVD. The compiler is GCC, and the MPI is MPICH 1.4.x (the version immediately prior to MPICH 2).

    I've followed the LANL instructions precisely, and yet it won't generate the MCNP5.MPI executable that I need.

    If anyone could offer a suggestion for a combination of Linux OSand MPI that works relatively easily to generate the parallel MCNP5 that I want, I would greatly appreciate it. And perhaps some general code for successfully compiling MCNP with the MPI libraries on that particular OS. I can add some of the syntactical details of what I tried to do later, as they are all on another computer system.

    Thank you.
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    How do i get a copy of the MCNP code? Is it free-of-charge?
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    using MCNP to simulate neutron induced fission betavoltaic battery design

    mattmac, would you be interested in using MCNP to simulate my invention design?
    You get to benefit by publishing in a totally new field. I benefit by getting cited by you.

    Are you a tenure/tenure-track/post-doc/postgrad/undergad? Which university are you in?

    So far, I forsee that the boltzmann equation needs to be solved 3 times to simulate my neutron induced fission betavoltaic battery design:
    1) solve boltzmann to obtain neutron flux
    2) solve boltzmann by using neutron flux to predict electron flux
    3) poisson-boltzmann solver to predict Current & voltage in pn-junction, using electron flux in step 2

    Do take a look at my published patent application to see my design:
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    Hello Marvin, it appears that the patent link is broken.

    Also, MCNP is generally free depending on your status (student, post doc, professor). You will have to fill out the proper documentation from Los Alamos National Laboratory.
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    Never mind, I found your entries on nanohub
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