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Best Teleportation Fidelity to date

  1. Jul 6, 2006 #1
    Hello all,

    I am looking for references to experimentally measured quantum teleporation fidelities. In particular, I am trying to find what is the best fidelity to date.

    So far I have:

    Bouwmeester et al., Nature v390, p575 (1997),
    0.70±0.3 (with polarization-encoded qubits, before subtracting the background counts)

    Lombardi et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. v88, p070402 (2002),
    0.95±0.6 (using vacuum-one-photon qubit)

    Bowen et al. Phys. Rev. A v67, p032302 (2003),
    0.64±0.02 (with quadrature squeezing, continuous variable teleportation.)

    I'm sure most people are like me, and never bothered to look for others...but it would be great to know!
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    Boschi et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. v80, p1120 (1998)
    0.853±0.012 (polarization-encoded, k-vector entangled two photon system)

    Fursawa et al., Science, v 282, p 706 (1998)
    0.58±0.02 (two-mode-squeezed quadrature states)

    Kim et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., v86, p1370 (2001)
    ~0.83±?? (polarization-encoded, with complete Bell-state measurement)

    Pan et al. Phys. Rev. Lett., v86, p4435 (2001)
    0.85±?? (polarization-encoded, 4-fold GHZ state)

    Jennewein et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., v88, p017903 (2002)
    0.92±?? (polarization-encoded, entanglement swapping)

    Marcikic et al., Nature v421, p509 (2003)
    0.812±.025 (time-bin encoded, through 2 km of fibre)

    Pan et al., Nature, v421, p721 (2003)
    0.85±0.02 (polarization-encoded)

    de Riedmatten et al., Phys. Rev. Lett., v92, p047904 (2004)
    0.775±0.03 (time-bin entangled, over 2.2 km of fiber)

    Ursin et al., Nature v430, p849 (2004),
    0.90±?? (polarization-encoded, over 800 m of fibre under the Danube)

    p.s. I don't think I can edit my original post...
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  4. Jun 28, 2007 #3

    I started this thread over a year ago, and today I wanted to see if anyone had any new information regarding openly reported, experimentally measured teleportation fidelities.
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