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Homework Help: Betatron, derivation of expressions

  1. Oct 22, 2012 #1

    I've got a problem with question 5 on this paper:


    Download AEA-PHYS-PP-MayJune-2006-AEA-Paper-1342.pdf.

    Starting from b) i), we got that:

    ε=Δ∅/Δt → W=εe

    Where W is denotes work, ε is e.m.f

    Also, for ii) work can be written as:


    in iv) we use F=Δp/Δt=2erΔB/Δt

    as during one cycle mementum changes its direction to the opposite twice. From all that we got:


    Where 4 comes from? It should be deltaB times area of loop. I tried to check it if 2s does not cancel each other but they don't, where's the mistake?
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