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News Big Business and its penchant for mindless drones

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    The last lines of the first article linked above:
    I'd bet at least some people get steered away from jobs they would like by the testing that Scarborough does, and if everyone used such testing the world would obviously be worse for them.
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    Testing is a growing niche market. It is very competitive and very profitable. It's one more of those services that nobody ever heard of 20 years ago and is a must have now.

    There are 3 basic categories of specialists entry level, mid-management, and executive/professional, plus a variety of specialists by industry.

    The new products rate the prospective employees in a reverse discrimination manner - to identify underprivileged/minority candidates to hire and thus claim the greatest incentives.

    With increasing unemployment, business is booming.
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    20 years ago, the writing was on the wall. Silly me, I thought it meant that human resources departments would be hiring psychology graduates rather than farming it out.
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    If it's any consolation, with the development of HR dashboards and pre-screening is the norm, operations departments are getting more involved in the hiring process. Now that payroll is outsourced, pre-screening is outsourced, and operations managers are making hiring/staffing decisions again - HR managers are struggling to justify their own existence.
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    Mindless drones are the reason startups regularly clean the Big Business' clock.
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