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Homework Help: Biology of plants - observations of transplants and growth

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Suggest reasons for each ofd the following observations:
    a.When transplanting a small plant from a pot to the garden, it is importanat to dig it up carrfully, leaving the roots in a ball of soil. If this is not done the plant may wilt after it has been transplanted.

    b. A plant cutting is more likely to grow successfully if you remove some of its leaves before planting it in compost.

    c. Plants that live in very dry habitats often have stomata located in sunken pits in their leaves.
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    c) wind increase rate of evapo-transpiration, which happens via the stomata, sunken stomata means water is more easily retained
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    (a) what causes wilting? if you dig the plant up carelessly, what may happen to the roots? how are both answers related?

    (b) hint: the more the leaves, the faster the transpiration rate for the same uptake of water.
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