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Birgit Dopfer's Thesis in English, Please?

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    Can anyone direct me to an online English translation of Birgit Dopfer's Phd Thesis?

    Dopfer, Birgit (1998). Zwei Experimente zur Interferenz von Zwei-Photonen Zusẗanden (PhD Thesis) (PDF). Univ. Innsbruck.

    S T

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    Vanadium 50

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    What makes you think such a document even exists? That might help track it down.
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    True. You have a point there. I should have said, is there a synopsis / summary /detailed discussion of the the key experiments reported in the thesis, so that one can get all the important concepts and information without having to read the German version.

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    It seems as if this is a publication related to the topic of the thesis:

    Brillouin scattering and dynamical diffraction of entangled photon pairs
    Birgit Dopfer, Paul G. Kwiat, Harald Weinfurter, Anton Zeilinger, and Michael A. Horne
    Phys. Rev. A 52, R2531(R) – Published 1 October 1995
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    Thank you, I had a look at the abstract and I will track down a copy of the full paper. Thanks.
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