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Black Holes containg a Universe.

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    I am very intrigued with the suggestion that what we understand of as our universe, may actually be inside of a black hole. also that black holes may contain universes

    Can anybody suggest any good reading on the above as I would like to understand things better.

    Thanks Keith
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    That's science FICTION.

    So far as is understood, there cannot be a universe inside a black hole. A great book on black holes is Kip Thorne's BLACK HOLES AND TIME WARPS but there is nothing about other universes. Leonard Susskind's THE BLACK HOLE WAR is also great reading, but again nothing about other universes.

    Wikipedia has some interesting stuff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackholes

    You might find reading about wormholes of some interest...try wikipedia as a start.

    These are solutions in gneral relativity, but practical issues so far likely render them useless as pathways to other universes.

    You an also check out parallel universes.....multiverse....many worlds

    Also try searching BLACK HOLES here in physics forums...lots of discussions.
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    There's been some recent media hype on this. Google finds:


    This seems to refer to http://www.sciencedirect.com/scienc...1105409&md5=527aa56af33b06cfae015f4a4ccf12fd"

    The http://www.desy.de/user/projects/Physics/Relativity/BlackHoles/universe.html" [Broken] mentions that the universe can't be a black hole - Poplawski's suggestion , which seems highly speculative to me from what I've seen, is more along the lines that the universe is a white hole that's the result of a "previous black hole" in "some other universe".
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    Well I find it quite an attractive idea that when a sizable mass of matter condenses and forms at black hole
    which contains a singularity. At the moment the singularity is formed in the black hole, there is then a big bang moment inside the black hole and what we think of as a universe is created.

    What I would like to know is. Would the above be consistent with general relativity?
    What would be the implication of the Black hole acquiring more matter?
    Would this help to explain the inflation that we see in our universe?
    Would this reduce the requirement for dark matter? that people struggle to find.
    Are there anythings we can test to support or deny the theory.
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    I thought that loop quantum gravity theory suggests that universes are created in black holes? I remember this from reading about Susskind arguing with the 'founder' (I suppose) of LQG about his [Susskind's] anthropic principle. I would love if someone could elaborate, because from what I read, it made some sense (then again I'm no expert).
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