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News Bombing at Istanbul Airport - Dozens dead

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    All Signs Point to Daesh in Istanbul Attack That Killed 36, Turkish PM Says
    Daesh is wreaking havoc again - but now in Turkey.

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    It's not their first strike in Turkey actually (assuming this one's culprit is really Daesh).
    According to this German page, the death toll now reaches 44 including the three suicide-bombers. 13 among them are foreigners.
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    The attacks in Turkey resulted in the rapid decrease in tourist numbers. Now, after this, it will decrease even more..
    Most of the cafes and such businnesses in touristic places in Istanbul that relied on tourist customers have gone bankrupt, or they will in the not so distant future.

    Not only here in Turkey, but seemingly the whole world has become similar to what it has been a few decades ago.
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