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Boundary-value problems (Neumann condition)

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    Looking for basic boundary-value problems with von Neumann conditions, more specific the applied ones to heat transfer or the wave equation.
    Could anyone recommend some good book that explains in an easy way the von Neumann conditions or has some solved problems related to the von Neumann conditions?

    Best Regards
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    Thank you for your reply and information, it seems that the book is what I'm looking for, but I have some questions before ordering (~$100 USD).

    As for now I have being using Dennis G. Zill, Differential Equations with Boundary-Value Problems with a very good but quick introduction to Partial Differential Equations in Cylindrical and Polar coordinates, Bessel Functions, basic and general Dirichlet problems.

    Does the book by Asmar approaches problems with Neumann Boundary Conditions (Chapter 5.4?) or the problems presented on his book are defined only with Dirichlet conditions?

    If there are some problems with Neumann Boundary Conditions , could you tell me which ones? Sorry about the question but the library doesn't have the book and the table of contents at Amazon tells me that the book presents only very basic problems with general Dirichlet boundary conditions.

    Best Regards
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