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Boxer Versus rattlesnake -- physics motivator

  1. Apr 3, 2016 #1
    Can get some kinematics out of this and also why speed beats strength;

    Try and guess who wins before you watch the clip;

    On Sports Science, Who strikes faster, a Boxer or…:
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    I think the snake was a bit groggy...
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    Can we see a human boxer fight a hamster?

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    I catch rattlers fairly often and I can guarantee you their body temperature is the key to how fast they are able to strike, When they are "warmed up" those babies are fast, drop the temperature and groggy doesn't begin to describe them.
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    That hamster was pulling his punches! :biggrin:
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    Traumatising a trapped animal into a defensive aggression response for comedic purposes is idiotic. Whoever owns that hamster clip is clueless and should not be allowed to own animals.

    I train animals in aggression, it is not funny.
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    Probably just as offensive, but I was going to say let him get good and hungry then a snack then see how fast he attacks a mouse or something with incentive.
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    What about those aggressive, boxing bunnies?

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