Brumation - alligators beating the cold in North Carolina

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In summary, the conversation discusses the term "brumation" and how it is used to describe the behavior of reptiles during very cold weather. It is similar to hibernation, where reptiles shut down and freeze to survive the winter. This phenomenon was seen in iguanas in Florida falling out of trees.
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jim mcnamara
See the video.

Brumation is the term used for reptiles. They simply shut down and literally freeze to get past very cold weather. Generally it is for short periods, although garter snakes in parts of Southern Canada can endure 7 months of winter temperatures in shallow caves and rock crevices.
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I saw a segment on TV where iguanas in Florida were falling out of trees. I presume it is from the same phenomenon.
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Fascinating. My understanding was that reptiles and amphibians living in temperate regions hibernate during the winter, so I would presume that brumation is essentially a form of hibernation among reptiles.

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1. What is brumation?

Brumation is a period of dormancy that cold-blooded animals such as alligators undergo to survive cold temperatures and lack of food during the winter months.

2. How do alligators prepare for brumation?

Alligators typically begin preparing for brumation in the fall by decreasing their activity and appetite. They may also move to deeper, warmer waters and find a secure resting spot.

3. Where do alligators brumate in North Carolina?

Alligators in North Carolina brumate in various locations such as underground dens, caves, or under vegetation in the water. They prefer areas that provide shelter from the cold and are above freezing temperatures.

4. How long does brumation last for alligators?

The duration of brumation for alligators can vary depending on the climate and location. In North Carolina, brumation typically lasts from late November to early March.

5. Do alligators brumate every winter?

Yes, alligators in North Carolina and other cold climates undergo brumation every winter to survive the harsh conditions. It is a natural process for their survival and helps conserve energy until warmer temperatures return.

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