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BS in Economics, looking to make a change

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    Hey guys,

    Stumbled upon you all when I was looking for some information on physics.

    I am a 25 year old senior, college was weird for me right out of high school, and I graduate with a BS in Economics this December, 2017. I am planning on joining the Army with their new two year program, hopefully with a technical or computer science type MOS, getting my student loans paid off then re-enrolling in school as a physics/engineering major. I wont post any questions in this thread, but soon they shall come!

    I love reading, even though my comprehension is terribly low, about special relativity and quantum mechanics, it is just fascinating. You guys are bright people.

    I'm a pretty simple guy, hobbies include: building computers for myself or friends, playing hockey or anything else that surrounds the game, and binge watching shows, most recently The Sopranos. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Welcome to the forum Tandem!
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