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Bs math + ms ee vs (bs + ms) ee?

  1. Mar 27, 2010 #1
    im a sophomore but almost a yr ahead. ive 2 options:

    1) bs math + ms coterm ee (signals or controls)
    - already close to a bs math
    - takes 2 more yrs so gets covered by my undergrad finaid.

    2) (bs + coterm ms) ee
    - bs ee requires almost a yr more of classes than math
    - takes 3 more yrs, no undergrad finaid for final yr

    1) takes less time and money but will i lose out on anything by not having a ABET bs ee? will i get hurt applying to ee phd or seeking gov jobs (accredition issues)?

    thanks all :)
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    Only if you go for jobs that want to see it/want you to become a PE. This may be an issue for some government infrastructure jobs, I don't know. Go to their jobsites and see what they require for job applicants.
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