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News Bus accident killed 13 Erasmus students in Catalonia

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    Maybe you have heard about this horrible accident in the spanisch province catalonia.
    While there has been some speculation about whether the driver has fallen asleep, I would like to draw attention to another point: The driver seemingly has only been injured slightly. I guess that the students which were killed didn't wear the seat belt. While this is obligatory, I know that this is treated very sloppily in catalunia. Did the driver remind the students to close the belt before beginning the voyage? I think this would have saved many lives in this case. Maybe you consider it too, the next time you ride a bus.
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    Are passenger seat belts standard for buses? The ones I've ridden on don't have seat belts except for in the driver's seat. The bus I went to school on when I was young certainly didn't.
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    In europe, seat belts are obligatory in all new busses built since 1999, At least for long distance busses.
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    This is the catch, although it does like a bus for traveling. I haven't been on such buses often but haven't been really reminded of that.
    One time when we went skiing in high school we were made aware at some point prior to leaving but the fact that people were sleeping in the aisle proved that it wasn't enforced all that much.

    Also don't forget that it usually isn't a 3 point seat belt. I don't know how much difference there is between the two systems in terms of saving lives. There would be next to no chance for avoiding head injury.
    Over here there seems to be some ignorance to wearing seat belts in general (I catch myself doing that sometimes as well), luckily drunk driving is declining.

    All in all there seems to be some work left for safety enforcement in traffic. (all participants I'd say)
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