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An accident is an unplanned event that sometimes has inconvenient, undesirable or even disastrous consequences, other times being inconsequential. The occurrence of such an event may or may not have unrecognized or unaddressed risks contributing to its cause. Most scientists who study unintentional injury avoid using the term "accident" and focus on factors that increase risk of severe injury and that reduce injury incidence and severity.

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  1. Spideriffic

    Calculate approximate speed of a collision?

    Hi - I know that the information that I can provide here is too limited for a totally accurate answer, but is it possible to come up with a reasonable estimate? One vehicle, snow tires, on dry pavement, 6 degrees celsius, is motionless. Second vehicle strikes first in the rear. No evidence of...
  2. ultron2099

    Impact Velocity

    Recently I was unfortunately involved in a fender bender. I was traveling at most about 10 mph into an intersection I had just left a Yield sign when a bright red car collided with me. My question, how fast was it likely going? I ask this, because I was driving a van weighing likely 4000 lbs...
  3. B

    Drag Equation

    HI all, I am new to the forum and have a real question for you physics buffs. It has to do with drag. For a mathematics paper, I am exploring the use of physics in accident reconstruction. I want to use calculus to create differential equations for the drag equation .5p(Cd)(A)v^2..... I want a...
  4. E

    Accident at steel plant spills molten metal onto plant floor

    Here is a video of a funny accident that happened at a steel mill in Russia. Thousands of pounds of molten metal come pouring out of it's ladle onto the floor due to equipment failure. Fortunately no one was hurt in this incident, but the whole plant could have gone up in flames if the outcome...