Buying Deuterated Chloroform: Silver Foil Benefits & TMS Considerations

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I was looking around to purchase some deuterated chloroform online. A few of the products offered include "stabalized with silver foil". What is the silver foil preventing the solvent from doing? FYI, this silver foil is probably inside the bottle.

One more thing, is there reason why you want to have 1% v/v TMS included in the solvent? I've seen 0.03% TMS, but 1% seems to be too many resonating protons for a 500 Mhz NMR instrument...
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1% is way too much for a high field instrument, IMO. Your TMS peak will be way too strong for most samples unless they are pretty concentrated, like in a C13 analysis. The 1% level has been used since low field CW instruments have been used and may be a throwback to those days.

Silver foil will scavenge any Cl- or chlorine active species from the bottle. For critical applications, it may help to remove any trace DCl. The chloroform solvent can react with light and oxygen to form phosgene and DCl.
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1. What is deuterated chloroform?

Deuterated chloroform is a form of chloroform in which some or all of the hydrogen atoms have been replaced with deuterium atoms, resulting in a heavier molecule. This is commonly used in scientific research for NMR spectroscopy studies.

2. What are the benefits of using silver foil when buying deuterated chloroform?

Silver foil is often used as a stabilizer when buying deuterated chloroform. This helps to prevent degradation of the chloroform during storage and transportation, ensuring its quality and accuracy for use in experiments.

3. What is TMS and why is it important to consider when buying deuterated chloroform?

TMS, or tetramethylsilane, is a commonly used reference compound in NMR spectroscopy. When buying deuterated chloroform, it is important to consider the TMS content as it can affect the accuracy and reliability of NMR results.

4. Can deuterated chloroform be used for other purposes besides NMR spectroscopy?

Yes, deuterated chloroform can also be used in other scientific research such as in organic synthesis, as a solvent for infrared spectroscopy, and in mass spectrometry studies.

5. How should deuterated chloroform be stored and handled?

Deuterated chloroform should be stored in a cool, dry place and handled with caution as it is a toxic and potentially hazardous chemical. It should also be stored in a sealed container to prevent evaporation and contamination.

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