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Calc. the deformation of a cable on a reel

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    I want to see what effects placing a steel cable on a reel of size of OD 3,51 m will have on the properties of the material?

    How will I go about doing this?

    A appreciate any help I can get :-)
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    Not sure what effect you are thinking of. Do you mean memory in the cable? So when it is unreeled what might be expected? S

    You need to know the properties of the cable, diameter, number of stands, material.
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    Utilities use steel or aluminum cable wound on 1 to 3 m reels all the time. I'm not aware of any affects on the material properties.
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    Well said by PhanthomJay. The material property of interest would be tensile yield strength. ihaland, for your given spool diameter, if we assume this is a 6 x 7 stranded cable (a somewhat coarse construction), then the nominal diameter of your cable could go up to 48 mm before you violate the minimum recommended radius of curvature. And the cable diameter could go even higher if your cable has more strands. Therefore, as PhanthomJay mentioned, you will be OK if your cable is stranded; no problem at all. If your cable is solid, the answer is different. Therefore, we would need to know how many strands are in your cable, and the tensile yield strength of your filament material.
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