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Calculating force we need to turn

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    I have a cylinder that diameter is 60 mm,length is 500 mm and this is approximately 11 kg .If i want to move the cylinder,how much force do i need to move?
    How i calculate this kind of cylinders?
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    are you rolling it? or is it sliding on it's circular face? what material is it being pushed on?
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    yes,it is being rolled and if u want to learn about friction value,it doesn't matter.
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    well, if no friction, and perfectly flat surface, I don't think you need very much force at all. it's so precariously balanced on a hard line, that it should fall forward (roll) at the slightest push.

    rolling resistance is your weight (lbs or newtons(kgs*9.81)) multiplied by your rolling resistance coeff. If no rolling resistance coefficient than no force to overcome that roll.
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    Thanx huntoon :), you say that we use this formula ( F=m.a) .
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    I didn't say that. I said the force you need to roll something is it's weight * its rolling resistance coeff.
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