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Calculating the Energy of a Neutrion

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    The energy of a proton can be calculated using Einstein's relativistic energy equation (kinetic + rest energy). The energy of a photon can be calculated using E = h nu.

    Is there a "formula" for calculating the energy of a neutrino?
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    yes, the neutrino has as we know now mass, so energy of a neutrino is kinetic + rest energy.
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    The energy of a proton can also be calculated using [itex]E = h \nu[/itex] if we know the frequency [itex]\nu[/itex] of its wavefunction [itex]\Psi[/itex]. The energy of a photon can also be thought of as kinetic plus rest energy, with the rest energy being zero.

    You can calculate the energy of a neutrino either way, just as with the other two particles. As malawi_glenn noted, neutrinos do have a (small) mass, so they also have a (small) rest energy.
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