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Calculating the outcome of a reaction, how to?

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    me and my freind are trying to figure out how to calculate the product(s) of two reactants, is there a way yo knowing what will mix with what? we did a lab im my chemistry class where we mixed certain chemicals one group was all i think nitrates and then the other all something else so it was like Lead III Nitrate and Pottassium Chloride and then we needed to figrue out if a reaction occured if it did we needed to write the product but the teacher said to exclude either nitrate and say pottasium because the didnt react in the equatsion so for example it would have turend out to

    Lead III Chloride, so is there a certin way of being able to calculate the out come of the mixing of two chemicals? if there isnt a specific way is there a way i can find out or a website that can help me?

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    It may be handy to have a solubility chart around. Heres a list of reactions.

    http://web.fccj.edu/~ksanchez/1032/wksheet/Reactions.htm [Broken]
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    awsome! thansk for the help :biggrin:
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    No such thing as lead (III).
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    i was just givng an example but thansk anyways
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