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Camp Euclid! (and other math camps ?)

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    Camp Euclid! (and other "math camps"?)


    I was looking for "math camp"/summer university programs that I could enroll in a few months and stumbled upon Camp Euclid. I also remember mathwonk mentioning it a few times. (or was it another math camp?)

    Anyway, I just wanted to get some further insight on this. Did any of you participate in this, either as mentors or students? How was your experience? Is it significantly hard to get into the program or is an interest and hard working attitude towards mathematics sufficient?

    It seems appealing as I've never participated in any kind of Olympiad before nor was such an opportunity available to me in the past. Besides, it's not like I went out of my way to find one! Anyway, this looks like it could be an enriching experience and it could also be of great help to me as I intend on writing a math entrance exam which is very Olympiad-like. I should admit that it also looks a tad intimidating to me...but that's good as it motivated me to work harder on brushing up my math. (I'm currently in the process of re-learning high school math, this time with proofs and all that cool, fancy stuff!)

    Any thoughts on this? You guys know of similar math-camps?

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    Re: Camp Euclid! (and other "math camps"?)

    Hey Mepris.

    I looked at the website and it looks pretty interesting. When I was in school I didn't have the opportunity to do this kind of thing (or I had no idea that these kinds of things existed).

    On the website, they discuss the problems from the 2011 camp. If they seem challenging and interesting, I think it would benefit you.

    Apart from the learning, I think meeting people that are a little "math crazy" might give you a good experience that will help you decide whether various areas of math are something you might be interested in.

    Terrence Tao who participated in the math olympiad (and ended up getting a gold medal) wrote a book about problem solving which is based on his prior experiences in things like the olympiad which might be up your alley if you intend to go to things like this.
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    Re: Camp Euclid! (and other "math camps"?)

    If you are a girl there is the all girls all math summer camp at the university of Nebraska-Lincoln (one week only though, focuses on codes). Also the university of Washington in Seattle has a math summer camp (part of the application is solving some problems that require proofs)
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    Re: Camp Euclid! (and other "math camps"?)

    i teach since 2011 at epsiloncamp, which is for 8-10 year olds. there is also a companion camp called mathpath. i expect to either teach or consult on a geometry course for 2012, including hyperbolic geometry, and possibly locally euclidean geometry.
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    Re: Camp Euclid! (and other "math camps"?)

    Looking at the problems alone got me pumped up. I will try work through some. It will prove challenging (and fun, probably), as this is my first try at such problems.

    Thank you. I will look into those. I don't think I'll be able to apply though. Camp Euclid is ideal in that despite the relatively large fee, it has funding/payment facilities and it's online, meaning I don't have to fly anywhere (I'm not American).

    Jacobs University, Bremen also organises an annual math camp. The fee is only 400 euros, including lodging (and food as well, I think) which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me! They haven't put anything on their website (yet) for this year though.

    Nice. Hope you have fun this time as well. :-)

    Hey, by any chance do you know a David Gay at UGeorgia? He's an assistant prof there! (new-ish, I presume, since he graduated in '99) He's one the main guys behind Camp Euclid.
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