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Can a physics person handle this ?

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    I have a bachelors in Physics but intend continuing with a msc in communication engineering at swansea uni. I am however scared will I be able to cope since I do not have an engineering Background. Experience of people switching field like me needed please.
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    yes of course you can, all engineering departments are basically compositions and utilization of basic principles of physics with some advancements.

    u already are aware of basics and the advancement will be taught. rest depends on your interest and grasping nature.........the more u show interest the more u grasp thing with ease.

    so if u r really interested then go forward and continue u'll definitely cope up with it
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    Welcome to the forums, persist911.

    I made a switch from physics to a particular type of engineering - and whilst I did find it more difficult than my colleagues with engineering backgrounds, I managed just fine. For an Msc I would recommend, if you have the time, trying to get background reading done before you start the course. Once you've got a place, find out what the individual course topics will be, and ask the course co-ordinator if they might be able to recommend a reading list.

    The initial difficulty will be familiarising yourself with engineering-language, something which is easily overcome with preparation.
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