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Can a vulcan study quantum mechanics ?

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    I don't think it's possible for a vulcan to study quantum mechanics, they would probably go insane, like Tuvix.

    What do you think ?

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    Maybe, except that Tuvix is a combination Vulcan / Telaxian, both and yet neither.
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    I think that since they had already figured out faster than light travel before the "First Contact" movie they probably had a pretty firm grasp of quantum mechanics.
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    I always did wonder how the transporter worked.
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    I think that the transporter is a placebo effect. You become so convinced that you are going to be there that you are literally already there. :smile:
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    I don't know, they could have easily come up with a more complete theory in the first place and avoided the mess of QM alltogether.
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    In the words of Michael Okuda when asked how the Heisenberg compensator worked, "Very well, thank you."
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    It has a built in Heisenberg compensator.

    Jokes aside. Krauss "The Physics of Star Trek" is actually quite a good book. The transporter is covered in one of chapters. And one side-effect of reading it is that you do learn something about real physics as well.
    Also the "Heisenberg compensator" is actually quite a clever device.
    Has anyone ever seen it mentioned in a QM course*?

    *Not as a "real" device of course, but explaining why one would/wouldn't be needed for the transporter sounds like a fun assignment.

    Edit: Janus was faster...
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    I remember reading that when I was eleven. At the time, I figured there were some sort of electromagneic fields or something that picked apart a person's molecules based on a scan of their body and then reassmbled them in exactly the same way far apart. Of course, at the time I didn't know anything about quantum mechanics. But if you wanted to take a fictional guess, maybe the heisenberg compensator figures out some margin of error whereas the reassembled person will be close enough to the classical person that it doesn't matter or something. I don't know, I'm not a physicist, and also the device isn't real.

    It did occur to me when I was thinking about it that if this did exist, it would pretty much be the most advanced thing ever.
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    Spock: "I think Quantum Mechanics are very illogical."

    Heisenberg: "Oh yeah! Well you have pointy ears..."

    Spock: "Never mind."
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    Ugh, terrible episode.....
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