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A case study involves an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a particular case or cases, within a real-world context. For example, case studies in medicine may focus on an individual patient or ailment; case studies in business might cover a particular firm's strategy or a broader market; similarly, case studies in politics can range from a narrow happening over time (e.g., a specific political campaign) to an enormous undertaking (e.g., a World War).
Generally, a case study can highlight nearly any individual, group, organization, event, belief system, or action. A case study does not necessarily have to be one observation (N=1), but may include many observations (one or multiple individuals and entities across multiple time periods, all within the same case study). Research projects involving numerous cases are frequently called cross-case research, whereas a study of a single case is called within-case research.Case study research has been extensively practiced in both the social and natural sciences.

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  1. E

    COVID Do virus masks actually work?

    Do virus masks have any effect on preventing or reducing risk of infection from CV19? Have there been any studies on this?
  2. E

    Studying Need some advice -- Studying oscillations before differential equations?

    Hello there, I need some advice here. I am currently studying intro physics together with calculus. I am currently on intro to oscillatory motion and waves (physics-wise) and parametric curves (calc/math-wise). I noticed that in the oscillatory motion section, I need differential equation...
  3. entropy1

    Literature to study QM

    Hello, I want to try studying QM. I have already read Susskind Minimum QM. Now I have some trouble focussing while reading and mild dyslexia. So I only want to read the stuff I need (doesn't everyone?). HOW do I find the right sequence of the right books to progress from basic to more...
  4. sulhar

    Engineering Undergraduate textbooks and lectures

    Hi, so I'm a first year undergraduate in engineering science. I guess my main question is, are all undergrad textbooks purposely convoluted to scare us from our degrees? Let me explain. I enjoy my lectures, I feel like the notes are very useful, but whenever my tutors or lecturers refer us to...
  5. D

    Physics Love physics: study engineering

    I love physics, I’m literarily fascinated and passionate about it. Although I would like to focus on applying physics on real world projects (more than on research or discovery). Like making a better combustion system on rockets, helping build the fusion reactors they’re trying to make, using...
  6. A

    Studying In search of motivation

    Hi there! A couple years ago, I failed my physics exam taken in upper secondary school (Norway), which has led me to having to retake the subject. I realize that I likely failed due to being lazy and tired of school. But a lot has changed since then, and I really do wish to learn physics. In...
  7. Robert Wilson

    Online Tutoring

    How much can i earn tutoring online?
  8. Robert Wilson

    Simple Way to Learn Algebra

    Is there any simplest way to learn algebra?
  9. Suyash Singh

    Studying Help with concepts

    What is the best site to learn physics concepts with lots of examples? some site which doesnt show up on google. Like i give example of which has all topics of c++ programs. Is there some physics site like that? Like i am always confused with pulley,strings, tension problems.
  10. I

    Studying Physics training tips for competitions?

    So in a couple of months from now I will start to intensively learn physics because I want to hopefully join larger competitions such as IPHO. I'm legitimately interested in physics and have won some competitions before but I'm just looking for some tips for studying physics. It would also be...
  11. H

    Classical Seeking advice on Self Study Curriculum

    I'm usually entirely autonomous in planning out my curriculum (and have read much great advice here in aid); but my physics curriculum is proving more difficult to plan out than my math curriculum. I was thinking as a start: Kleppner & Kolenkow Mechanics, Purcell Electricity and Magnetism, and...
  12. Night Rod

    Should I study Chemistry?

    Hello everyone, I plan to return back to school in the spring from a small break that i took in order to move out. I was going to school for Engineering Science (associates). I'm basically done with all my general studies and as far as quantitative and natural sciences go I completed Algebra 1...
  13. ISamson

    Studying What to do if you get distracted by video games

    What to do if you get distracted by video games every time I have free unlimited wifi and a laptop with me? Advice - thank you.
  14. Krunchyman

    Other Restoring curiosity

    I began to study mathematics in college because I was fascinated by the subject and have a naturally high degree of curiosity for it along with the rest of the sciences--but stress, depression and other factors take away that curiosity as I progress through each semester, leaving me bored...
  15. Harshna

    Engineering Start Studying Astrophysics or Uptake a PhD Offer

    Hi all, I have completed a Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences) and Graduate Diploma of Science (Applied Data Science). I have always loved Maths and Physics, but never really pursued it as I thought there were not many jobs for them (but I have taken first year Maths courses as electives...
  16. Felix Gonzales

    Other Should I drop physics?

    I love physics. Well, modern physics mostly, still physics though. It's amazing seeing how much there is we don't know and how we got to understand what we do know today. I think the concepts are crazy, cool and fun. If I didn't know better, I'd say modern physics truly sounds like pure fiction...
  17. C

    Studying How to get at least an A-?

    What're the best strategies or techniques you've used in order to get at least an A- in any given class?
  18. M

    Other I'm home schooled. How do I go about learning physics?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I am homeschooled, I left normal education after my first year of UK secondary school, I absolutely hated it and was bullied so my parents and I decided that I would leave and get homeschooled. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in computer science...
  19. A

    Schools What is the best for an experimental particle physicist?

    I'm interested to become an experimental physicist particularly in particle physics. I have the chance to pursue a double degree. what is the best choice that will help me more in my future career.- a double degree in physics and computer science or a double degree in physics and material...
  20. trigger701

    Studying What is your academic reading strategy?

    Does anyone have any good reading strategies which they use to plough through academic papers? I'm currently a little bit daunted by the amount of stuff out there that would be worth reading, and it's almost paralysing me a little. Advice on any of the below would be useful: - Deciding what to...
  21. A

    Dreaming to become a scientist (physicist), can I?

    Hello, my name is Andraž, I am from Slovenia(east neighbor of Italy, and southern neighbor of Austria for those of you who don't know) and I am very determined to be a physicist. I am 18 years old and as a student of the fourth year of high school, I am about to apply for the university...
  22. Junaid Shahid

    Studying What to do After a BS in Software Engineering?

    I have done Software Engineering and want to study more, but confused what to do next? can you suggest me?
  23. S

    Testing What are the best online resources for AP Physics C?

    I was wondering if there were any good online resources for AP Physics C with notes, practice tests, etc.
  24. mpdirac_1988

    Studying Recommendation to my study program for Physics/Math

    Hi, I'm still a student at school, and I'm currently doing the IB programme. The IB programme is not very challenging...and I've gone out of my way to study the A-levels as well. For those familiar with the A-levels, I've completed the Maths and Further Maths Modules, up to FP3, M3, S2 and...
  25. Mathamans

    Courses Tips for keeping on top of all the coursework

    I'm an undergraduate (freshman) in physics and mathematics. I'm having a bit of trouble keeping track of all of my coursework. I have an account on Habitica and I have a schedule keeper than I carry with, but I seem to miss a few things here and there. What sorts of things do you guys use to...
  26. B

    Courses Regarding the Difficulty of Math Graduate Courses

    Dear Physics Forum personnel, I will be taking my first graduate course (as an undergraduate) in mathematics starting on this Fall Semester. The course is about the algebraic topology (Hatcher, Spanier, Massey, etc.), which I am very excited to take as I love the topology. I am curious about...
  27. B

    Studying Am I Reading Math Textbooks Efficiently?

    Dear Physics Forum friends, I am an undergraduate at US actively pursuing mathematics and microbiology. Recently, I started to evaluate my methodology of reading books in the mathematics, which raised me some concerns and worry that I want to share with you, and seek advice from you. Whenever...
  28. Mr-R

    B Advanced QFT course

    Hi everyone. For anyone who has the book. I am going through Quantum Field Theory for the Gifted by Amateur Tom Lancaster and Stephen J. Blundell. Are the topics enough to prepare me for a course in QFT and then Advanced QFT? Of course I can look for other resources. But I just want to know how...
  29. Dr. Courtney

    Schools Resources for High School Physics at Home - Comments

    Dr. Courtney submitted a new PF Insights post Resources for High School Physics at Home Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  30. T

    How to prepare for differential equations?

    I'm pretty rusty at calculus. I did well in them, but my memory is terrible and I have forgotten a lot. I'm going to take ordinary differential equations (it looks and sounds like an intro DE class with some linear algebra too) next spring. What should I study and what not to prepare for this...