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Medical Can I still go into space if I have taken LSD?

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    Hey guys, I'm a third year engineering physics student (specialised mechanical engineer with 2 courses off of being a theoretical physicist) and I have been very interested in trying to get an internship or a job once I graduate with one of the privatized space travel companies (such as virgin, spacex, etc).

    Going into space is a dream I have always had, and I hope that if I work for one of these companies I'll be able to go to space before I die, no matter how long it takes. However, the problem is I have done LSD a couple of times two years ago. I have heard rumours that LSD stays in your spinal chord and will be dispatched again once you reach 0g for an extended period of time. I have also heard rumours that your spine will expand and rupture after an extended time being in 0g.

    Does anybody know if these statements are true? I have a high suspicion it is a hoax, but since this means so much to me I really want to have a defiant answer. I have been clean of drugs for more than a year, so taking a test would not be a problem in another few years from now.

    Thanks for all your help!
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    It's nonsense, as any urban legends database will verify.
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    alright, thank you. Sorry for being so paranoid, i just didnt want my future to be void due to some stupid mistakes i made
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    NumberNine is known surgeon of LSD-raptured spines under cover, he's hiding the truth to get more patients !
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    flashbacks are pretty much a myth.

    however, if you are applying at FBI CIA and whatnot you may want to attempt to leave that info out of the interview (including cocaine).

    you may be asked about drugs during a poly exam though.

    i do think that cocaine could be used against a person who has access to sensitive info to control and ply them. however, the yammering about flashbacks and two hits makes you permanently legally insane is all bunk at it's core.
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    I wouldn't worry about this. The polygraph is pseudoscientific nonsense anyway; it'll perform at random chance no matter what the OP answers.
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    I know many people that had flashbacks. Obviously not because of the drug remaining in their body but because of how it altered their mind. One person I know was commited to a mental hospital for years because he couldn't stop it. I know of people that became schizophrenic after taking acid. Don't mess with your brain.

    But, no, if you've gone years without mental problems, I'd say it's safe to assume you won't have problems now. Problems from LSD are usually experienced within the first few months. I'm speaking from experience, so consider it anecdotal.
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    Evo, yes for sure. I have a good friend whose life was ruined because latent mental "uniquenesses" were brought out to full-blown, permanent schizophrenia, by LSD.

    On the other hand, if you don't mess with your brain, someone else surely will. So, practice meditation, make art and be skeptical of what crowds say.
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    Huge myth. I don't know where these things get started. No, using LSD won't disqualify you from going into space/being a doctor/being in the CIA. No, cracking your back won't lead to flashbacks. No, ___ hits doesn't mean you're legally insane. No, they can't do a spinal tap to test you. No, it's not a "poison". No, you won't turn into orange juice. None of that **** is even remotely true.

    As someone who has used a lot of drugs (including LSD), there ARE negative side effects. I have what some might call HPPD. Meaning I am consistently hallucinating from use of psychedelics. This very second I am typing this, I am hallucinating. It's just something I live with now. I really don't mind it, to be honest. It's kinda cool. Always tripping, never have to pay. Most of the time it's barely noticeable, but it does come out sometimes. Especially when I think of it. Static, things breath, used to get a lot of color shifts, not so much anymore, trails, stuff like that.

    I have experienced health effects from previous stimulant use. I tend to not use stimulants anymore.

    ****ing with your head can be fun, but things can get weird.
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    Mmmmkay, yeah, no problem there, (backs away slowly), no, no problem at all.
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    can i take LSD in space, you know 0-g and all, and bring my girlfriend, too?
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    Yeah man, me too. You know, life's just like this one biiiigggg trip. What a long strange trip its been...and still is...
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    This thread has had nowhere to go for a while.
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