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Can someone give me an example of these sets to help me understand it better?

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    Can someone provide me an example of three sets of integers A, B and C such that A[tex]\cup[/tex]B=A[tex]\cup[/tex]C, but B≠C. And also, A[tex]\cap[/tex]B=A[tex]\cap[/tex]C, but B≠C.

    Thanks alot :)
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    Case 1: A={1,2}, B={1}, C={2}.
    Case 2: A={1}, B={1,2}, C={1}
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    Mathman, can you please explain to me how those numbers apply to the statements ?
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    Use them to find the unions and intersections around which your first post centered.
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    Do you a problem with the notation? Specifically: A = {1,2} means A is a set with elements 1 and 2. I hope this clarifies it.
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