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Can u understand my business coursework?

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    Following are my business courcework involving some linear algebra?
    Have i stated my idea clearly?

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    As for me, I have no idea what you're talking about in that text.
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    This is about a topic of business decision-making problem (DMP) in the Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP). DM in the text refers to Decision Maker.
    As understanding it requires some background knowledge about AHP, I understand u cant figure them all out. Sigh...

    How about u think about the sentence "The second consequence is often more attention-calling cause tiredness and impatience often effect the correctness of DM's decisions especially when they are under pressure" in a literal view forgetting the logic?

    I try to change it with "The fatigue eduction draws more attention in that it affects the accuratcy of DM's judgments especially in case that DM bears working pressure."

    Which do u think is more understandable?
    Thanks for your opinion~
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