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Can we create artificial macrophages?

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    This might be a cheesy question. If Macrophages can ingest virus, can't we create a tablet with macrophages and take it when we want to fight off virus. Would this work?
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    Interesting question: My guess is, probably not. The first challenge would be to get those phages absorbed into the body. The GI track is pretty good at breaking simple organic substances down to simpler absorbable molecules. The phages would either be completely dissolved or would pass thru the intestines.

    Another option would be to bypass the gastric acids and inject them, like a vaccine. If the proteins that made up the artificial macrophages weren't a perfect match with the host body, then the body would believe it was under a second attack and would fight against the macrophages..

    Each artificial phage would have to be custom built for each person. That would probably put it out reach, technically.
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    Oh I see thanks for your time Louiswap :smile:
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