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Can you define information without referring to consciousness?

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    Any consciousness based approach to QM will be dismissed as woo in the main forum.

    However it's admitted that (with refernece to the double slit experiment):

    "To be clear, the rule for interference in these cases: if it is possible, in principle, to know which slit the particle goes through, there is NO interference and there will just be the 2 characteristic bands." -DrChinese

    So my question is- can you define knowledge or information in a way which does not refer to consciousness?
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    Going strictly by the title of this thread, I expected it to be about the US Congress. This is disappointing.
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    Yes. Information theory is completely mathematical. But they aren't talking about meaning. I don't see any way to talk about knowledge or meaning without consciousness.

    However I must say I never thought consciousness had anything to do with QM. Though I guess Neils Bohr thought so, and he is much smarter than I.
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    It's woo here too, the same rules apply throughout the forum.

    Thread closed.
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