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Car out of legos using the LEGO Mindstorms and gears

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    Hi, I'm trying to build a car out of legos using the LEGO Mindstorms set that will go really fast. I'm familiar with the concept of gear ratios (i.e. a 40t gear driving an 8t gear) and using that to increase speed, at the cost of torque. Another method is to attach an axle to the following 8t gear and attach another 40t gear to the same axle and have that turn another 8t gear etc. Somewhere else on this forum, another question relating to gears was asked here:


    and it was stated that "so a 8t driving 40t then followed by 8t then 40t, 8t, 40t

    produces 1:5 * 1:5 * 1:5, which produces 1:125, which produces a lot of torque at the cost of speed?

    on the other hand, a

    40t driving, 8t, 40t, 8t, 40t produces

    5:1 * 5:1 * 5:1, which is 125:1, produces a lot of speed at the cost of torque?"

    I don't quite understand this statement, because in the second example, if the first 40t gear was rotating at 1rpm, the 8t gear would be rotating at 5rpm, rotating the other 40t gear at 1rpm, rotating the 8t gear at 5 rpm, followed by a 40t gear rotating at 1rpm. So wouldn't it be the same 5:1 ratio?
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    Gears are paired and fixed on the same axle. The second 1 & 5 aren't meshed, they are attached face-to-face. Otherwise, you'd have 1:5*5:1*1:5*5:1*1:5
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