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Carl Sagan's Cosmos Returns Jan 8

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    http://science.discovery.com/convergence/cosmos/cosmos.html [Broken]

    Carl Sagan's Cosmos will be airing in its entirety beginning January 8th on the Discovery Science Channel in the US! Website above has clips and some fun interactive stuff.

    I should really get the DVD box.
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    Just in time for my birthday! Now theres a nice present! I loved COSMOS and its background music of Brahms.
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    I had the entire series on VHS, when it first came out.
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    I saw them for the first time from rented video tapes (VHS) at my school library about 2.5 years ago. Really well made and classy.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Weird, but I've seen it running a few times lately and have watched a few episodes; I think on the TDC.
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    It's been on for several months now.
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    Not at a certain time everyday.
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    It is still an awe inspiring series. It aired (1980) while I was in grad school and was only able to catch bits and pieces.. I bought the companion book which is a good read, lots of impressive photos!! Years later I wanted to watch in its entirety, but couldn't find them anywhere. Somehow I tracked them down and mail ordered the whole set from California.. For those who remember the tapes, a little trivia; the beginning of each sequence begins with Kermit the Frog doing some silly stuff and a plug to join The Planetary Society a public advocacy group for space exploration, which Carl cofounded. (I joined :) There are 13 parts so there is plenty to pique your curiosity.

    For those who have already watched it, I wonder what were some of your favorite sequences?

    I especially enjoyed where he voyages back in time to visit The Great Library at Alexandria and draws analogies of how information is stored (human brain, library, our genome). The sequence depicting how complex life evolved on our planet, I've used as a primer for people not familiar with the concept. With good visuals, it translates well. The part describing the evolution of our universe & how we are all made from "star stuff" is quite fascinating :)
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    Absolutely loved this series. I saw it in the US when it first aired on PBS (I was about 11 at the time). As young as I was I made a point to not have anything to do each week at that time so I could watch that show. I didn't want to miss one episode.
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    Yeah, that show is pretty good. It's sad Carl Sagan died, back in 1996 I think, of some rare cancer. Hey, at least he had his weed to ease the pain, he was such a stoner. (it's been proven)
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    I had a standing appointment to go to my elderly neighbours' house to watch it because we didn't get cable. They were as fascinated by it as I was.
    I wonder if Discovery Canada is going to run it.
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