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Cat urine in pool chemical room

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    Discovered that my cat has been urinating in my pool equipment room this winter. My equipment room is in my basement. We store all of our pool chemicals here. I am worried that the chlorine will mix with the urine and create a toxic gas. Could this happen? Sometimes when my husband refills our chlorinator there is a stong odor given off.
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    Shouldn't be enough ammonia in the cat urine to be a problem. Just vent the room well as and after you clean up. Which, really, you should be doing for anywhere you store chlorine at anyway.
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    You could try locking your cat out of the room.

    Just a thought.
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    Rinse the urine spots with some vinegar and then with water.
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    I would think the simple chlorine gas escaping as you're pouring the chemicals into the water would be more of a concern than the small amount of reactant from the urine. You should install a good vent fan into that room to ensure none of those chemicals are accumulating in the air you're breathing. None of that is healthy in enclosed spaces (the whole point of using chlorine in the pool is to KILL stuff...enough of it will kill you too).
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    Always keep swimming pool chemicals out of the reach of children and pets. You should place your pool chemicals in a locked room or closet. It is very hazardous. Close the pool chemical containers tightly because it gives off harmful gas. Use mask and gloves when handling chemicals. And never mix them to other chemicals because it can explode and cause fire.
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    Assembler went dark after her first post two years ago. Pity that you didn't come by sooner.

    We all expect that the worst has happened... BOOM!
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