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  1. Hi,

    I've noticed the forum spends quite a lot of time maintaining serious discussions. Would if help if we explicitly stated that upon entry? For example, how about changing the logo to read:

    Physics Form
    A Place for Serious Scientific Discussion

    That way there's no ambiguity about the mission here and anyone who strays from the pack can be so redirected. Not saying I do all the time but I try to anyway and follow the rules and if I were met with that logo everytime I logged in, I would be reminded to do so.

    But that's ok, no need to thank me for that brilliant idea. I'm happy to help, for free too.
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  3. AlephZero

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  4. Actually, in the interest of all the people in here with special needs, today I posted a reply I had to edit a lot of times to get right. So how about the logo instead read:

    Physics Forums
    The place where people write really well
    and clear about serious scientific topics

    centered though ok guys?

    Seriously though, you guys do seem to expend a lot of energy maintaing appropriate discourse. I'm just sayin', maybe a logo which more in-your-face expressed the goal of discussions here would help.
  5. D H

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    I don't think it's needed. You can find multiple sites that claim they only allow "serious scientific discussions," but poke inside and you see rampant discussions about 2012, aliens, cold fusion, etc. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
  6. dlgoff

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    I figured the Rules which members agree to would be enough emphasis as to PFs mission.
  7. Redbelly98

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    There are a lot of people who write nonsensical stuff, while believing they are discussing serious science. This suggestion would not help in those cases.
  8. berkeman

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    Should be "clearly". o:)
  9. I always wish to improve my writing. Thank you.

    Also, probably you guys aren't interested in my suggestion. That's ok. I'll move on.
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