Changing interval in Histogram, Mathematica

  1. Hello again. Sorry for all the posts.

    I have a histogram of frequencies in Mathematica and the intervals on the x axis are predefined and kind of unrepresentative. I changed the bin number (with 'Histogram[mydata, binnumber]') but I can't seem to find anything on the internet about changing the interval(example, my chart starts at 0 and ends at 2, it shows intervals of 0.5, when I want them to be about 0.1 or so). Help!
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  3. IF you have version 7 your MMA Help documents this OR Wolfram documents this:

    Histogram[{x1, x2, ...}, w]
    plots a histogram with bin width specification w.

    If you have an older version then the answer is somewhat different but you can still find this documented by searching your MMA Help documents or Wolfram's site.
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