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Chemical weapons loose in London?

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    Either a very new threat has in fact materialized ( :eek: ), or certain sensationalist media are over-hyping an imagined threat (again).
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    Well its a good thing the public was informed of this as soon as possible. No good can come from keeping the information in law enforcements hand. Citizens have every right to know this threat exists no matter how compromising it is to the actual investigation or how exposed the police become due to this article. :rolleyes:

    Pathetic newspapers, all in it for the money.
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    Someone filled a bottle mixed with water from the Thames river and Lake Erie?
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    And your reponse is....
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    See where I said, yesterday,
    It may be too early to call, for some other news channels... but I'm talking a risk and calling this one as an "imagined threat". :grumpy:
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