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Chemoluminesent or phosopholumesent rxn

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    Hello, I'm working on a 4 stage 14kj railgun and want to make a nice display for some of the people that have helped me. Anyways, I'm looking for a way to turn my 1/2"x1/2"x1/2" aluminum projectile into a tracer. It will be under some serious acceleration jerks in excess of 16,000g's and will have several tens of thousands of amps traveling though it. It will most likely get quite hot and be capable of igniting most materials. I was considering just using some magnesium, but was going to check if there was some other less "fire starting likely" reactions that can illuminate a projectile going 900m/s.

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    I might not be familiar with gun laws but isn't that illegal?
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    actually, no. Regulations are only on firearms. No volatile substances used, so its not a firearm. As for the tracer thing. Some states tracers are illegal for firearms. No here in the Midwest though. Also, that once again only applies to firearms. That is unless the government is starting to outlaw chemical reactions....

    anyways I may have found a way to do this using button cell batterys and an led incased in lexan. Assuming the lexan doesn't completely incinerate (very very unlikely that it would) it should work. If anyone is interested in the project, I'm starting a website at http://erikhagerup.org" [Broken]
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