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News China suspected of offering Kadafi weapons

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    Does this worry anyone? Relationships with China seem to be getting worse and worse as time goes on.
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    Arms dealers sell arms to anyone who can pay for them. The U. S. sold poison gas to Saddam Hussein. Liquor stores sell booze to drunken drivers, and convenience stores sell tobacco to lung cancer patients. It's called freedom of action, and its consequences are not always pretty.

    I believe it was Thomas Jefferson (Gotcha Squad Alert!) who said, "The tree of freedom must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots . . ." In other words, freedom costs human lives--sometimes a lot of lives. And he who would not risk his life to preserve his freedom is already a slave.
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    Gaddafi's dictatorship was also an experiment in socialism. Given that China is interested in furthering socialism, has (or had) financial and ideological stakes in Libya, wants the resources of Libya, and has little with capitalists Islamic states, it doesn't wonder me much.

    At the same time, it also might just be the truth that practically, they care little what happens in a part of the world which isn't Chinese.
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    Arms dealers selling arms is different from the Chinese government selling arms.
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    Didn't the US gov just sell Saudi Arabia weapons? Pretty sure the Saudi troops weren't so nice during the Bahrain protests.
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    i used to work for a company that was in on it. we would even hire their people to come here and work on projects. some were very competent. others seemed to be poster children of affirmative action gone wrong, yet were somehow leading projects.

    yes, some of the most vile regimes like the former egyptians (to whom we rendered prisoners for inhumane treatment) receive not only our weapons, but expert personnel travel there to provide on-site support. saudi arabia was also one of those.

    so yes, of course china would offer to sell weapons to gadaffi, or any of the others with strategic assets that the chinese would enjoy. we have ports in the middle east, and now the chinese are building one in pakistan.

    oh, and before i forget about it, gaddafi was even talking to companies like the USA's Boeing as it acquired advanced technology to spy on its citizens and control them.
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    How so? Governments and government-supported (and financed) private agencies make up the majority of licensed arms dealers. I believe that there are very few major arms dealers who are not either overtly or covertly supported by one government agency or another. Legitimate arms dealers are licensed in every major country in which they do business. The unlicensed black-market dealers are not a significant part of the business--and it is a business!
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    Topher, you know better, we need the original article.

    http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/world/10189958/china-offered-kadafi-weapons-report/ [Broken]
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    Sorry Evo, thought I posted it. :frown:
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