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Chinese boy who could see in pitch black!

  1. Aug 22, 2013 #1
    Stumbled upon these recently.

    I so always wanted the ability to see in the dark!
    I wonder if this news is true and the boy does possess 'night vision'...what scientific achievements it may lead to...!:rolleyes:
    Like, as mentioned on dailymail site, the next thing we could get to see is humans with wings!! (Just kidding! :tongue2: :biggrin:)

    Would like to know other members views on this topic..:smile:
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    We used to find out about these guys from tabloids like 'News of the World' when we were catching up on Bat Boy and the latest petroleum strikes on the Moon. Looks like the Daily Mail is slumming now.

    'A' better watch hisself next time he goes fer Chinese: he might find a extry suprise in his fortune cookie.
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    Ever notice that most, if not all, zombie movies have them hulking around at night. Zombies have great night vision and will find you - you can run but you cannot hide. Dark Boy has jumped the queue of the next phase in human evolution. Coming to a theatre near you, Night Vision Bat Boy Zombies striking fear and terror in the hearts of men and woman.
  5. Aug 25, 2013 #4
    I don't know why you said that...
    Newspapers at my place mostly contain stuff about politics, corruption or some paparazzi stuff....(None I find interesting..!)
    And just a page on science/technology!! :grumpy:

    Don't know about other countries!
  6. Aug 25, 2013 #5
    lol! :rofl:
    But, actually I don't think zombies have any problem with sunlight...
    Its just that its difficult to create horror scene in broad daylight!! :tongue:
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