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Chirality for massive neutrinos - right neutrinos - Majorana

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    My question concerns the chirality vs helicity for massive neutrinos.
    I know that as the mass is really light we can usually approximate helicity = chirality.
    But I would like to consider the exact case with the mass :
    i.e left handed (chirality )neutrino propagates with both left and right helicity (if boost).
    So it means that right (helicity) neutrinos exist in a "beam" of left chiral neutrinos....
    If neutrinos are Majorana, these neutrinos with right helicity could interact exactly as right anti-neutrino are doing... So why this has not been already observed ? I know double beta decay is searched for that, but in more simple processes.... like inverse beta decay ?
    thank you
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    Neutrino masses are really really tiny. The processes you mention, where you can observe the Majorana nature, are suppressed by the chirality flip so roughly ##(m_\nu/E)^2## where ##E## is a relevant energy scale, usually of order weak scale. This makes such processes exceedingly rare.
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