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Choosing a wife during tween years?

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    In some cultures and especially in the past boys at age 9 or 10 choose their wife that they will marry later on. Why? An example is in Mongolia in the olden days. Not sure if it still happens now.
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    Do they choose, or do their parents choose? There are cultures that have arranged marriages, and may arrange them that young, but those are not marriages for love, they are basically business partnerships between the two families.
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    Choosing a wife in Vietnamese language. but it doesn't matter.

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    Man, viet is the worst language in the world. Its worse than african clicking language.

    Bank gok bing bang bowwwww. <shudder>
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    I love bushmen. Ever seen "The Gods Must Be Crazy". Those two movies have got to be my top two favorite comedies.
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    Is that the one where a plane flying by drops a coke bottle?
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    Yes! A great movie!
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    I love that movie as well!

    I think it's funny how the women fight over using the glass coke bottle. :rofl:

    I think the first one is better, but it's been so long ago that I've seen them that I can't remember.
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    I think it is parents who choose that. I wonder how traditions develop, but once they are built it is hard to for crazy people (majority) to defy them. I think it might be because they think that marrying late would welcome spirits and their kids would stay unhappy for whole life .. lol

    There are some other cultures where brothers[?] help sisters grow their kids. Now, men go to other towns and have kids and come back to their own towns.
    I am sure there are still some cultures with very weird customs.
    http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/3/22/southneast/13715269&sec=southneast [Broken]
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