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Combustion Turbine Capacity Enhancement?

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    I have always had a fascination with trying to come up with new and unique, and (possibly) practical ways to increase the warm weather output capacity of combustion turbines. Any help or suggestions for possible options would be appreciated. In warm weather the density of the ambient air drops significantly and reduces turbine and generator output.

    Conventional means of partially offsetting this reduction include direct or indirect inlet cooling, A previously studied, but rarely implemented technology is supercharging or inlet pressurization. This has been done before, but is very rare due to the size of the fan required to increase air density, and the need to cool the pressurized air to offset the temperature rise in the air from work done by the fan.

    There is a new company boosting power using large natural gas driven compressors to inject additional compressed air right into the axial compressor exit to boost power, but the complexity and foot print of the trailer mounted units is significant. Permitting could also be difficult in some states..

    I was wondering if there would be a way to use air at 5 to 10 psig injected tangentially in the inlet duct at the most narrow point to "induce" more airflow into the compressor inlet of the turbine. I can't answer this myself because of the fluid dynamics involved, so I am looking for help, or more insight on whether it could work. Similar to an air mover or Dysen fan using a venturi principle. I would also like to discuss the pros and cons of other capacity enhancement options for CTs.
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    Have you talked with the construction turbine manufacturer? I would expect that any reasonable means to improve the performance of their equipment would have been explored. They may be willing to talk with you about your ideas.
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