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A turbine ( or ) (from the Greek τύρβη, tyrbē, or Latin turbo, meaning vortex) is a rotary mechanical device that extracts energy from a fluid flow and converts it into useful work. The work produced by a turbine can be used for generating electrical power when combined with a generator. A turbine is a turbomachine with at least one moving part called a rotor assembly, which is a shaft or drum with blades attached. Moving fluid acts on the blades so that they move and impart rotational energy to the rotor. Early turbine examples are windmills and waterwheels.
Gas, steam, and water turbines have a casing around the blades that contains and controls the working fluid. Credit for invention of the steam turbine is given both to Anglo-Irish engineer Sir Charles Parsons (1854–1931) for invention of the reaction turbine, and to Swedish engineer Gustaf de Laval (1845–1913) for invention of the impulse turbine. Modern steam turbines frequently employ both reaction and impulse in the same unit, typically varying the degree of reaction and impulse from the blade root to its periphery. Hero of Alexandria demonstrated the turbine principle in an aeolipile in the first century AD and Vitruvius mentioned them around 70 BC.
The word "turbine" was coined in 1822 by the French mining engineer Claude Burdin from the Greek τύρβη, tyrbē, meaning "vortex" or "whirling", in a memo, "Des turbines hydrauliques ou machines rotatoires à grande vitesse", which he submitted to the Académie royale des sciences in Paris. Benoit Fourneyron, a former student of Claude Burdin, built the first practical water turbine.

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  1. H

    Why do we need stators in compressors or turbines?

    Hey Everybody! I was wondering why do we need Stators in compressors and turbine, for instance the goal of compressor is to increase the outlet pressure, so that the combustion is effective, but why we don't put just Rotors and no stators in the compressor (or Turbine).
  2. E

    Here is a 3D model I made of a large industrial steam turbine

    This is a 3D model I made of a large industrial steam turbine. It was modeled after one of the turbines at the Port Richmond generating station in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I plan on modeling the entire turbine hall of that power plant, but that will take several months, at least. The program...
  3. PaxFinnica96

    Engineering Steam Turbine with Open Regenerative Feed Heater

    I would very much appreciate anyone to cast their eye over my attempt at solving this problem which I've been struggling with the past few days. Many thanks in advance. Assuming that: energy input from open-type regenerative feed heater pump is negligible no energy is lost the heater pressure...
  4. rufusbufus

    Calculating the energy created by a bike pump that feeds a turbine

    Summary:: I have an assignment that is looking at how a bicycle pump is used to push air through a turbine to generate energy. I need to determine the energy input and energy created. I'm hoping I can get some direction on where to start. The concept is straightforward. A bicycle pump of...
  5. B

    Function for the Thrust of a Ducted Fan

    I'd like to design a ducted fan capable of generating 800 N of thrust. Though I can do fairly high level math, I just really don't even know where to start in calculating (or at least relatively accurately estimating the thrust generated by a propeller, particularly a ducted one (as I understand...
  6. A

    Electrical generation from used water in my home

    Hi everyone. I was just out in my back garden and was watching the water from someone's shower pour down the pipe and out into a drain. I was thinking if all of the used water from my house just goes down a drain then why not try make use of it. If the water system continues after use and takes...
  7. QuarkDecay

    Flow (liquid or gas) across a rotating surface's face

    << Mentor Note -- Two threads on the same question merged into one thread >> How does the maximum Power equation change if there's an angle to the way the wind falls into the wind turbine's blades? Example, when it falls vertically to the blades, it's Pmax= 8/27Sρu13 But if there's for...
  8. Clay2

    Turbine Design for fire-hose driven shaft

    I am working on a design for a water powered drive shaft. The water source would be from a 2.5 inch diameter hose, at approx 75-100 psi. The goal would be to get 55-115 RPM from the shaft and max torque in the smallest possible handheld device. That being said, it seems my best options for...
  9. K

    Question about a Windmill / Turbine

    Homework Statement Consider a turbine which actuates the windmills by blowing air into it. (If we use beat steady windmills (which is called reverse windmills) instead of movable windmills, deliberate the following conditions by parametric view. (Ignore the friction power (force)) A. Compare...
  10. Chincha40

    Ljungström turbine, general info?

    I'm currently building a turbo-shaft engine and I am trying to find a good, yet simple to build free power turbine for extracting the exhaust energy of the jet engine. The Ljungström turbine seems promising as it is compact and easily machined from a 3 axis cnc machine. Does anyone know of the...
  11. J

    Power required to compress air in a gas turbine

    I'm looking for advice on how much power is required to compress air in a gas turbine engine - parameterised by degree of compression and mass flow. Normal gas turbine engines have exhaust turbine(s) on the same shaft as the air compressors. They bleed some of the exhaust energy to drive the...
  12. E

    Air motor: temperature of exhaust

    I have an industrial application where 20kW of heat is being wasted, which is painful to watch. I have learned already that low temperature turbines just don't work, so would like to check some ideas and better understand how air motors/turbines work. I have also learned so far that...
  13. D

    Bulb turbine head

    Hi All, My question is about bulb turbines and head. Bulb turbines are used for tidal energy. I guess the inlet and the outlet of the turbine (or the pipe where the turbine is mounted) are both under water. Is head the difference in height between the water surface at the inlet and the water...
  14. KAM123

    Turbine question

    A turbine operates under steady-flow conditions. It receives steam at a pressure of 15 bar, specific volume of 0.1318 m³/kg, velocity of 30 m/s and specific internal energy of 2594.5 kJ/kg. The steam leaves the turbine at a pressure of 30 kPa, velocity of 90 m/s, specific volume of 4.25 m³/kg...
  15. S

    Saturated VapourPressure of Steam above Critical Temperature

    Hello all, I am not sure my question will totally make sense for those of you who now this topic well but as I am new to it I hope I can be forgiven. My problem is to work out how much water will condensate as a stream of moist air is expanded through a turbine. So far I was using Antoine's...
  16. O

    Question about the turbine of a turbopump

    I found this illustration of a turbopump. I need to know if my intuitive sense is correct here. So, the turbine is located at the bottom right. The gas coming from the gas generator is fed into the torus shaped pipe on the left of the two turbine blades. First there is the HP turbine, the...
  17. AGiantGolden49er

    Isentropic Efficiency and Entropy Production Rate of Turbine

    Homework Statement Water vapor at 6 MPa, 600C enters a turbine operating at steady state and expands to 10 kPa. The mass flow rate is 2 kg/s, and the power developed is 2626 kW. Stray heat transfer and kinetic and potential energy effects are negligible. Determine (a) the isentropic turbine...
  18. L

    Force produced by flow in aircraft engine

    Homework Statement Consider an aircraft turbine as in the figure below. In the reference frame of the turbine, air of density ##\rho_0## comes into the turbine with speed ##U_0## through the entrance with cross sectional area ##S_0##. In the combustion zone, air is mixed with the fuel and...
  19. V

    Testing wind/water turbine performance

    I'm required to test a harizontal axis turbine's performance and plot a RPM vs Power curve. The turbine is driving a small DC generator that produces 5V at the turbine's maximum RPM with no other load on the generator. I am planning on installing different sized resistors in parallel with the...
  20. Lei

    How to control turbine in Organic Rankine Cycle system

    I am currently working on turbine design for small scale ORC system to produce power from low-enthalpy heat source. In ORC, turbine inlet pressure and flow rate are controlled by pump, and turbine inlet temperature is determined by evaporator when the flow rate of refrigerant and enthalpy of...
  21. C

    Increasing the Power Output of a Turbine

    I have a hydro turbine spinning at 62.746RPM and it produces 170.195Nm of torque. It generates 1.1183kW but ideally, I would like to step it up to at least 4.5kW. Is this possible using a gearbox and if so how can it be done?
  22. J

    Can I design a horizontal cylindrical hollow turbine blade

    Hello everyone, I need the following but I am not sure if it is possible or not? I don’t have mechanical engineering background. Please advise me on feasibility of this project and any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to design a horizontal cylindrical hollow turbine...
  23. J

    Steam Turbine thermodynamics

    I have a thermodynamics question I'm having difficulty with... I have a steam generator heated by a 39MW nuclear reactor that powers two 4.5MW turbine generators. It produces dry saturated steam at 330psig, and enters the turbine at those conditions. It exits the turbine to a condenser...
  24. mattyboson12

    Radial/Hoop stress in a steel turbine disc

    Homework Statement Homework Equations -given in question The Attempt at a Solution I am bit confused with the boundary conditions of this problem. I understand the radial stress is zero on the inside diameter and the radial stress on the outside diameter will be the reaction to the...
  25. M

    Calculating expected RPM for a turbine blade.

    For my senior design project, my group is tasked with creating a wind turbine. At the moment, I am trying to figure out what approximate RPM the blades will rotate at so we can select an appropriate gear ratio and generator. Our advisor instructed us to use conservation of momentum on the...
  26. F

    Formula For Calculating Output Power of a Turbine

    Good evening, This Conversation is in regards to questions i have of a project of mine. I am, in a sense, looking to make a generator of sorts, one that uses a magnetic tesla turbine in order to power an electric motor. Unfortunately, i am at a loss for what formula i would need to figure out...
  27. S

    Calculating flow rate through turbine

    Hi guys, First post on this forum. Greetings from the Netherlands :) I am currently in the process of designing a turbine used in locks in several canals. The turbine is powered when the lock chamber is being emptyed during the lockage. The goal is to calculate the water level in the lock...
  28. S

    Decoupling Compression and Expansion of a turbine

    Hi, I just want to double check something: My understanding is that the higher the compression pressure the higher the amount of energy per unit mass it will take to compress a given mass of gas. So my question is, would a decoupled system where the compression can take place over a longer...
  29. S

    Help to understand polytropic exponent and efficiency

    Hello all, I am new to thermodynamics applied to turbines and compressors and I am trying to get my head around what is represented when calculating the work of a compression/expansion process using the polytropic exponent as oppose to the specific heat ratio of 1.4 (I'm working with air). The...
  30. O

    Dimensioning a generator

    Hi! I'm working on a project where we are building a windturbine from the bottom up. Myself and a colleague are designing a double stator axial flux generator for our turbine. Our requirements are that we deliver about 10 W at nominal rotation speed. It's a direct axis driven generator...