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Common Application and recommenders

  1. Oct 21, 2013 #1
    I have applied to the University of Rochester and they require every student to submit the common application.
    the common application requires me to invite a teacher and a consular and this is not possible in my case and I have discussed this matter with UR consulars and one of them suggested that I should contact the Common application and see if they can enable submitting my application without the Assign recommenders thing.

    I have contacted the only e-mail I found on Commonapp [dot] org which is :

    media @ commonapp [dot] org

    what do you think I should do ?? is there some 1 I can call ?? the deadline is so close (Nov/1/2013) and I really need to solve this matter.
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    You should directly contact the admissions office of the college where you plan to enroll
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    Take a deep breath. The deadline is 10 days away -- that is an eternity when it comes to deadlines! As mentioned above, contact the institution you are applying to and seek their advice.
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