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Complex Powers of an Elliptic Operator

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    There is a paper written by R.T. Seeley in the Proceedings of Symposia Pure Mathematics that I've seen cited by several papers I've been reading, but I can't find it anywhere. The citation given is
    R. SEELEY, Complex Powers of an Elliptic Operator, “Singular Integrals (Proc.
    Symp. Pure Math., Chicago, 1966),” 288-307, Amer. Math. Sot., Providence, R. I.,

    If anyone at all could help me find it I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Thanks, although it doesn't look like I can access that paper from here.
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    Unfortunately I'm only aware of hard copies of this paper (in the Proceedings book referenced), and I've also been looking for it. If you contact a library which has the book they should be willing to scan it for you.
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