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Hi all;
I'm trying to write a script that automatically generates a geometry and does the analysis in a for-next loop.
It changes specified geometry properties in a for-next step like scaling the geometry.
But I've got a problem about subdomain IDs.
Although the main geometry isn't changed in the script (as i said it isonly scaled, there is no new generated subdomains) , the subdomain idsare changing. Because of this, i cannot specify the initial conditionscorrectly.
I tried to use [g,st] = geomcsg(sl) command to getsubdomain IDs with their associated geometry IDs. So i could update thescript every time when i change the geometry properties. But i'vefailed because i couldn't reach the rows of variable st.
Although typing variable st in Matlab command window gives therelation between geometries and subdomains, i couldnt reach it fromscript. It is seen as 2xm matrix in command window but nxm matrix ofdoubles in workspace so commands like st(1,:) doesnt work.
Is there any suggestions to solve this problem or any idea why does it happen?: )
Thanks in advance..
Problem solved..
subdomain IDs can be read by FIND(x) command from st variable
What's the difference between the geometry ID and the subdomain ID?

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