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Comsol Transient Vibration Analysis

  1. Jun 1, 2009 #1
    hi all..
    How can i describe initial conditions or initial forces in comsol(like wave forms such as ramp or parabolic)? I couldnt find it in the manual.
    in ansys, i do it in time steps(in solution options).(like t=0, F=10 t=0.001 F=0)
    I tried to give initial displacements to the points but it didnt work,either.. It gave ridiculous results..like damped oscillations when there was no damping..
    thank you for help..
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    I defined a function for the force input (at the options menu).. i thought it worked.. but still the output waveform is not correct(not a full sinusoid.. a more like saw signal.. and although there is no damping, its a damped signal..) help : \
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